Roc Day Celebrations

Roc* Day 2016 – Penny Tschantz

History of Craft Revivals/Arrowmont

Reading List

Books about Weaving/Crafts Revivals:

Alvic, Philis. Weavers of the Southern Highlands (2003)

Barker, Garry. The Handcraft Revival in Southern Appalachia, 1930-1990 (1991)

Bullard, Helen. Crafts and Craftsmen of the Tennessee Mountains (1976)

Eaton, Allen. Handicrafts of the Southern Highlands (1937, 1973)

Goodrich, Frances. Mountain Homespun (1931), facsimile ed. with Intro. by Jan Davidson (1989)

Hall, Eliza Calvert. A Book of Hand-woven Coverlets (1912, 1966)

Stevens, Bernice A. A Weavin’ Woman (1971) [about Clementine Douglas of The Spinning Wheel, Asheville]

Books about Appalachia and Cultural Intervention

Becker, Jane S. Selling Tradition: Appalachia and the Construction of an American Folk, 1930-1940 (1998)

Campbell, John C. The Southern Highlander and His Homeland (1921/1969)

Conference of Southern Mountain Workers. The Southern Highlands (1915)

Shapiro, Henry. Appalachia on Our Mind. (1978)

Whisnant, David E. All That Is Native and Fine (1983/2009)


Novel about first settlers near Morganton, NC (first in a series)

Ehle, John. The Land-Breakers (1964)