Fiber Directory

We are fortunate to have a number of TVH guild members who are also fiber producers or indie dyers.

If you’re looking for fiber or hand spun yarn for your next project please consider shopping with one of our member vendors listed below.


Crafty Housewife Yarns and Fiber Arts

TVH Member: Erin James

Location: Knoxville TN


PHONE:  509-591-6535 text or call

PRODUCTS OFFERED: Blended Spinning Fiber mini art batts and dyed braids of my custom color ways, also a provider for Angora fiber and BFL roving. luxury Spinning subscriptions ( month by month)

Our family run fiber website has also opened up to other fiber artist who are looking for more of a boutique gallery environment for sales or an Etsy alternative.  For more info contact Erin or check out our website for info on becoming a featured fiber artist

PROFILE INFO:  At Crafty Housewife Yarns and Fiber Arts we strive to provide you with sumptuous  and unique handspun yarn and spinning fiber so that you can create your fantasy fiber arts projects.  We value building relationships with other artisans and family business so that we can all thrive and create goods we can be proud of.  Our fibers and products are all produced  with a focus on Made in America and small family owned businesses.  In a world full of copies and mass production, lets all slow down and create something meaningful.



TVH Member:  Barbra (Barb) Keyes

Location: Lancing, TN


PHONE:  423-346-8985 after 7 pm Oct-Apr; after 9 pm May-Sept.

PRODUCTS OFFERED: Processed natural fiber; Processed and hand dyed fiber.

Alpaca and silk blend roving, sheep fleeces, wool rovings in natural colors and dyed, wool blends with bamboo viscose, silk and other fibers and more.

PROFILE INFO:  This is a no-slaughter farm where the product is all fiber, shorn from the flock annually in April. Our sheep come in browns(Shetland only), true black, all shades of grey, silver, natural(creamy white) and white. Alpaca fibers are black, fawn(golden tan), dark brown, beige, ivory and white. If you want an alpaca fleece, it needs to be reserved before spring shearing, otherwise all alpaca fleeces get processed. All fleeces are skirted for processing, meaning very little VM. All sheep are coated from October to shearing in April to keep hay out of the fleeces. Visits are welcomed and are by appointment only due to farm work. Best way to reach us is by email due to our crazy schedules.

FARM SPECIES/BREEDS: Sheep, alpacas and llamas ; Huacaya alpacas; Cotswold, Shetland, Romney-Corriedale crosses, Lincoln crosses, Merino crosses, and some very ethnically enriched sheep (no 2 parents for 3 generations are the same breed….ram jumped gate).


TVH Member:  Jennifer (Jenny) Bennett

Location: Sweetwater, TN


PHONE:  423-744-9023

PRODUCTS OFFERED:  Processed natural fiber; Processed and hand dyed fiber.

Alpaca roving, Alpaca/silk top, Alpaca/angora roving

PROFILE INFO:  We are one of the original alpaca breeders in the Southeast and have been raising alpacas with National Award winning fleeces here in East TN for 18 yrs. There’s always rovings and tops for sale. Colors vary a little with each new blending at every spring shearing. Schedule a visit, bring your spinning wheel, we’ll have some tea and visit some, spin some and laugh some!

FARM SPECIES/BREEDS: Huacaya alpacas.


TVH Member:  Martha Weaver

Location:  Crossville, TN


PRODUCTS OFFERED:   Fleeces and/or raw fiber; Processed natural fiber.



TVH Member:  Susan Gawarecki

Location:  Andersonville, TN


PHONE: 865-494-0102

PRODUCTS OFFERED:   Fleeces and/or raw fiber; Processed natural fiber; Handspun yarns.

Alpaca roving colors: rose gray and medium fawn.  Llama fiber colors: white, red-brown, black — more to be added.

FARM SPECIES/BREEDS: Llamas and huacaya alpacas.


TVH Member:  Dana HamiltonLocation:  Hixson, TN



PRODUCTS OFFERED:Processed natural fiber; Processed and hand dyed fiber; Handspun yarns; Handspinning equipment; tools or supplies.

PROFILE INFO:  I believe in gorgeous yarn, handdyed with attention to detail, that will produce beautiful items that will be enjoyed for years. I haven’t taken any courses in color theory, or gone to art school… however, I believe I have a natural eye for color combinations and a pretty good idea of what knitters love and want to use when making a special project. As a sock and lace knitter myself, I strive to offer a product that offers a lot of yardage for the money, and beautiful colorways that will both please the eye and become a gorgeous finished item.

I believe in soft, fluffy, non-compacted fiber that is a joy to spin for everyone from the beginner to the advanced spinner. I take exceptional care with my fibers while dyeing to ensure that they stay as soft and easily draftable as they can possibly be. Most of my yarn colorways are available on fiber, and vice versa; if you see something you love in my shop or sold items, but not on the fiber or yarn base you want, please feel free to ask!