Alison Wells – Equipment coordinator


Because of the importance of proper care and maintenance of the guild’s wheel and drum carders, anyone planning to take home one of these must meet with Darlene Laverdure prior to the business meeting. First-time users must have a tutorial, so bring whatever fiber you plan to use with the equipment.

To borrow the Fred Gerber Memorial Spinning Wheel (Ashford Traditional) or another guild wheel, one of the drum carders, the hand carders, combs, etc.; or any of the books, magazines, or videos in our library: a person must be a dues-paying member of TVHS. In addition, they must have attended at least three meetings or have an established member vouch for them.

Each drum carder will be kept in a box with its accessories. The member checking it out will be responsible for replacing anything missing when the carder is returned. Each carder will have a checklist to be initialed when it is checked out and again when the carder and its accessories are returned.

Reminder to anyone with Guild Equipment please make plans to return checkouts at this month’s meeting. Those who can’t make the meeting need to arrange to return equipment to one of the officers BEFORE the monthly meeting. Thanks!

  • The Fred Gerber Memorial Spinning Wheel (Ashford Traditional)
  • Schacht Ladybug wheel (New as of July 2014)
  • Fine Drum Carder
  • Coarse Drum Carder
  • Two rigid heddle looms (including a Schacht Cricket)
  • Yarn Blocker Reel
  • Viking Combs– recommended for long and medium staple sheep’s wool, as well as llama and Angora goat. They have a double row of 5.5″ tines.
  • Wool Handcards

The guild also owns a bobbin winder.  Although it is not available for check out it will be brought to monthly meetings for members’ use.  Members can either bring their own weaving bobbins or purchase them from the guild.


Samples have both knitted and felted squares and attract a lot of attention at public demonstrations.

To borrow, please contact Sue Mason.  All of these items listed above are available for use by all TVH members.

  • One afghan of natural dyed samples
  • One afghan of colored wool squares of the fleece are from several different Romney sheep.
  • One Non-Wool wall hanging constructed of squares made of fibers from animals other than sheep—that is–animal fibers – so dog, alpaca, qiviut, cashmere, angora, llama, human hair, bison, etc.