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July 2011 "Fly-By" News

August Newsletter:
Please send all announcements, fiber related articles, and classified ads for the next issue of The Flyer to interim newsletter editor Bob Devol (e-mail). Please include all contact information—including name, address (email and/or snail mail), important dates, and/or phone number.


Our July meeting will take place this Saturday, July 9th, from 11:00 to 2:00.


The guild is pleased to announce two ongoing workshop opportunities for both beginning spinners and more experienced spinners interested in moving beyond “happy accidents” to using different drafting techniques to design their goal yarns.  The workshops will be held during regular monthly meetings and are free to current dues-paid members.

Barb Keyes will teach beginning spinners how to spin a continuous yarn in a course titled “Strings and Things Beginning Spinning Class,” and Jenny Bennett will be teaching a class “Draft Control” for anyone who can already make yarn but wants to learn more about (or have a refresher course in) yarn control.

Further details including class times, an expanded description for each class and requirements to participate can be found in the full e-mail version of The Flyer.

  • SAFF Trip?:  Patty Benton is organizing an overnight trip to SAFF (Southeast Animal Fiber Fair) in Asheville, leaving Friday, Oct. 21, and returning Saturday, Oct. 22.   We will discuss details at the meeting on Saturday.

  • New Policy on Borrowing Equipment:  Because of the importance of proper care and maintenance of the guild’s wheel and drum carders, anyone planning to take home one of these must meet with Sue Mason prior to the business meeting.  First-time users must have a tutorial, so bring whatever fiber you plan to use with the equipment.
  • Guild wheel and library resources: To borrow the Fred Gerber Memorial Spinning Wheel (Ashford Traditional), one of the drumcarders, the hand carders, combs, etc.; or any of the books, magazines, or videos in our library:  
    • a person must be a dues-paying member of TVHS.  
    • In addition, they must have attended at least three meetings or have an established member vouch for them.
  • Guild drumcarders: Each drumcarder will be kept in a box with its accessories. The member checking it out will be responsible for replacing anything missing when the carder is returned.  Each carder will have a checklist to be initialed when it is checked out and again when the carder and its accessories are returned.
  • Reminder to anyone with Guild Equipment: please make plans to return checkouts at the July meeting. Those who can’t make the meeting need to arrange to return equipment to one of the officers BEFORE the monthly meeting. Thanks!
  • Library checkouts: Be sure to fill out a card when you take an item and to update the card when you return the item.  If you have recently checked out or returned something and have not done a card, be sure to let Mary know.