March Meeting Highlights

Here are a few brief highlights from our meeting yesterday:

  • Mimi Kezer is going to be teaching a fixing knitting mistakes class at our next guild meeting.  The regular meeting will wrap up at 1:00, and Mimi’s class will start shortly afterwards.
  • It was requested that we post a link to Ari Ridpath’s Sock Stew pattern on the blog.  This particular pattern is toe up and features a short row heel, so no heel flap stitch pickups are needed.  The pattern can be found on the author’s website and on the pattern’s Ravelry page.
  • Do you have wheels, looms or fiber for sale?  If so, check out our Classifieds page for a new and easy to use submission form!   If you have photos to post alongside your ad please leave a note before or after your ad text and someone will be in contact with you to coordinate the upload process.

Sue Klipsch gave a fantastic demonstration on silk caps and hankies. Several different silk preparations were shown and discussed, including tussah top, bombyx bricks, silk noil, recycled sari silk and caps.

She explained that caps and hankies (also known as mawata) are comprised of many thin layers of silk taken off cocoons and stretched over a frame or form to dry.

Sue particularly emphasized that when working with silk caps and hankies spending time exfoliating and moisturizing your hands is a very good idea.

Because the layers are so thin they are apt to catch and snag on rough skin and nails.  Barb Keyes suggested using nitrile gloves as an alternative way to cut down on snags.

Sue then demonstrated how to separate individual layers from a cap, open a cap layer in the center and begin pulling the layer into a circle of roving.

From there, Sue showed the group how she uses the roving to ply with wool.  She said she also likes to card the roving with other fibers.


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