Interesting Articles and New Books Via Knittyspin

If you haven’t already been over to Knitty to see the the new Spring and Summer issue it’s definitely worth a look.

In particular, the Knittyspin section has two great articles:

Knitting with Handspun

  • This article is mainly geared towards non-spinners who want to knit with handspun but who aren’t sure how to jump into working with it.  However, this would also be a great read for newer spinners who find themselves with finished handspun but could use some guidance on what to do with it.  The author covers everything from getting to know the characteristics of handspun yarns, finding WPI and estimating yardage for projects.  

The Spinner’s Glossary – Flyer Wheels

  • A fantastic overview of commercially available flyer wheels and their respective drive band and tensioning systems.   The article is worth bookmarking at the very least for the quick reference chart of drive systems by manufacturer and model.
And, in the Cool Stuff section, two newly published books really jump out:
Both of these titles are garnering very positive reviews and look like they would be great additions to any spinner’s library.

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