June 2011 "Fly-By" News

July Newsletter:
Please send all announcements, fiber related articles, and classified ads for the next issue of The Flyer to interim newsletter editor Bob Devol (e-mail). Please include all contact information—including name, address (email and/or snail mail), important dates, and/or phone number.

A Note:
In order to better compliment our full newsletter and the wonderful job Charlotte (and Bob) does in putting it together, I am scaling back the online version to be more geared towards news bites and new topics of interest. The complete version of The Flyer will be available to TVH members via email.

Got feedback? Please leave a note in the comments on this post or let me know at the next meeting what you like or what changes you’d like to see.  Thanks!  Jessica


In a discussion of program possibilities for the near future,  Jenny Bennett suggested that we revive the list of spinning skills we’d like to learn, in hopes of choosing several and finding members willing to demonstrate or offer a lesson.  
Step one is to identify from the list below the three topics that interest you most.  In addition to those three, you may add one or two that aren’t on the list.  After we’ve narrowed it down, we’ll ask for teachers.
Please bring your list to the June meeting—you may print this with check marks beside your top three, or bring a list of your top three (plus new suggestions).

  • Controlling yarn diameter/softness/strength

  • Knowing what spinning method(s)/ which way(s) of drafting and draw ing would be appropriate for your project  and be most likely to show off a given fiber to its best advantage (to include instruction in long draw)

  • Plying—how many plies for a given project, how tight a twist, etc.

  • Ways to spin hand-dyed roving

  • Blending fibers—which ones, and then which methods, will lead to successful spinning

  • How to choose a fiber, and estimate how much fiber, for a given project

  • Finishing yarn/setting twist

  • What to look for in a roving

  • What to look for in a fleece, including reasonable price

  • How to choose a commercial processor

  • Hands-on hand carding  (to include instruction in when is enough carding enough)

  • Hands-on hand combing  (to include instruction in when is enough combing enough)

  • Other suggestions:


From Penny:  

As you know from last month, Charlotte Iverson will soon be having double knee replacement.

At the May meeting, it was suggested that we bring items for a care package for Charlotte —- small things that will help her pass the time or make her more comfortable (of course, she won’t need the normal toiletry items, but she might appreciate a nice lotion or soap). She’s an art teacher, if that helps give you ideas.

If you’d like to contribute something, bring it to the June meeting. Charlotte has edited our newsletter for several years, and the guild means a lot to her.


If anyone would like to order an apron with the TVH logo and an optional name, we can put together an order if we have enough people. The “apron lady” requires a minimum of six to make an order, and an order with names also requires six.

Current prices, including tax, are $15.91 with logo only and $19.20 with logo and name.

Let Penny know if you’d like one, and tell her what name you want.

  • At the May meeting, Kathy Bridges mentioned a project to knit or crochet squares to be used in making blankets for tornado victims in Ringgold, Georgia.  You can learn more about the square drive by The Yarn Shop in Dalton, Georgia either via their Ravelry group or their blog.

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