September 2013 – "Fly By"

Please send all announcements, fiber related articles, and classified ads for the next issue of The Flyer to newsletter editor Bob Devol (e-mail). Please include all contact information—including name, address (email and/or snail mail), important dates, and/or phone number.


     Upcoming Guild Programs:

    • October: Stash Bust/Bash — Bring your extra fiber related article to give away, trade or sell. Please make sure that your things are labeled.
    • November: Program — Preparing and processing a fleece
    • December: No program this month due to the Church craft fair. However we will have a short meeting, bring finger food to share.  The Guild will not have a booth at the Craft Fair this year. However, individuals may do their own booth if they so choose.
    • January: ROC Day Meeting — Bring finger food to share. There will be a gift exchange.


    From Teresa Buckman:

    Forget Me Knot Yarn Shop invites all to come visit our weaving room. We offer classes, ideas, weaving cones, and all the support you need for your weaving projects. Come check out our new and used looms. 

    From Lynn Hash and Deborah Adams:

    Remember: We will vote for TVHS to be a presenting sponsor for the SMFAF in April 2014. There will be no cost to TVHS , who will also be listed on our program ad at SAFF. There will only be volunteer hours by TVHS members. The guild will also be listed on the front of SMFAF program in April. Geri Forkner of Sweetwater has agreed to teach as well as be a consultant for our show. She would like to see an interest in some members joining us for a Thursday night gathering where she will a teach a class on different ways to use your handspun yarn. Geri brings great expertise in fiber as well as show development. Also, those of you who were interested in teaching at SMFAF, please bring some notes about what, when and cost of your class. We want local teachers, local farms and local fiber as much as possible. Vendors will be invitation only and if you know someone local that would agree to vend then please suggest them to us. We are developing a website for SMFAF that is more user friendly and correct than that of last year and would like to start listing vendors and classes in Oct. 2013 for sign ups and we also will have a Paypal account for online payment. We are encouraged this year by TVHS support and consultation. Hopefully, we will develop a small but sustainable show in Townsend that will benefit both local fiber enthusiasts well as local vendors, farms and others. Thank you all for your continuing support. 


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