May 2016: Stash Bash

Next Meeting: Saturday, May 7, 2016

Event: Stash Bash

(Meeting Information and Directions)

Stash Bash is back by popular demand!  Our annual sale event is now semi-annual.  Members can sell, trade and shop each others’ fiber art destashes for fiber, fleeces, equipment, handspun and commercial yarn, weaving equipment and much more.  Members planning to sell or trade should label their items with prices/trade values and their name and bring cash for change or card payment options such as Square.  There will be a giveaway table for items you’d prefer to share for free. And you may want to bring a bag for taking your new goodies home in.

If you’d like to participate be sure your 2016 dues are up to date.  If you’ve already joined or renewed your membership for the year we appreciate your support!