December 2011 – "Fly-By" News

January Newsletter:

Please send all announcements, fiber related articles, and classified ads for the next issue of The Flyer to interim newsletter editor Bob Devol (e-mail) by January 3. Please include all contact information—including name, address (email and/or snail mail), important dates, and/or phone number.


Charlotte Iverson has decided to step down as the editor of The Flyer and will be replaced fulltime by Bob Devol who has been acting as the interim editor.

We all owe Charlotte a special thank you for her long service to the Guild and her efforts to provide the group with an informative, interesting and high quality newsletter.


To honor spinners around the world, we will be celebrating Roc (Distaff) Day during our January meeting with a potluck meal. Our program will be a special treat: Dale Liles will speak to us about the history of TVH. 
Since Dale seldom gets to attend guild meetings, let’s make an extra effort to have our Roc Day Show & Tell represent some of our most satisfying spinning in 2011. 
Also, those who brought a scarf for the scarf challenge could bring it back for Dale to see. 

Jenny Bennett and Mimi Kezer will be teaching and Jenny, Shereen Franklin and Lynn Hash will be vending at the Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival in March.

Classes will include topics such as preparing your fleece for mill processing and how to build a fleece table with household tools.


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