Membership & Meeting This Saturday (1/7)


TVHS Dues Annual dues of $15 are payable this month. Bring a check made out to TVH, or exact cash, to the Jan. 7 meeting.  Members may also mail a check to Joan — you can find her mailing address in the January e-mail newsletter.

As our membership grows, our newsletter mailing list has become increasingly difficult for the treasurer and others who use it to manage. We must now restrict the list to members whose dues are current.

Unless you’ve made prior arrangements and if Joan hasn’t received your dues by March 3 your name will no longer appear on the list and you’ll no longer receive the newsletter nor enjoy the privileges of membership (borrowing equipment or library items, taking classes, selling at the craft sale, etc.).


At this Saturday’s meeting we’ll be celebrating Roc Day, which honors spinners around the world.

Please bring food to share and a serving utensil if it’s needed. We’ll have power strips for crockpots, etc., to keep things hot, but no means of keeping them cold. If your item needs to stay cold, please bring it in a cooler. If you want to drink something besides coffee or water, please bring it with you.

Because our schedule that day will be quite full, we will start a short business meeting shortly after 11:00. Our featured speaker, Dale Liles, will begin about 11:30. We’ll eat lunch around 12:00 and have show and tell about 12:45.

For Show and Tell, please bring any handspun yarn or finished item that you’re especially pleased to have made in 2011.


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