Catching Up – May to July "Fly By" News

Apologies for the delay in posting our newsletter’s “Fly By” news summaries!  What a busy summer it’s turned out to be.

Here are a few news items of note from the last few newsletters:

  • For anyone who hasn’t already heard, SAFF class registration is now open.  There are some well-known instructors joining the festival’s class roster including Abby Franquemont, Patsy Zawistoski, Susan Stevens (aka Fleegle) as well as TVH’s own Jenny Bennett.  If you are interested in signing up for a class definitely consider registering as soon as possible as classes are starting to fill up.  
  • We also have been informed by the SAFF workshop coordinator that if you have questions about the workshops, workshop registration or about the festival in general to look for information on the festival’s website or contact them directly rather than inquiring or getting information via Ravelry or Facebook.  The Ravelry SAFF group and Facebook SAFF page are fan run and are not owned by the festival board.  
  • We’d like to warmly thank Pam Rush for volunteering to become our guild’s Archivist.  Pam will be working to ensure preservation of our newsletters, photos, guild bylaws and history.
  • Our guild’s library catalog is now online.  You can browse through the full catalog on the Library page.  Many thanks to our guild Librarian, Mary Devol, for putting this fantastic resource together!
  • The guild is in the process of acquiring a bobbin winder.  The winder will not be available for home checkout but will be available for use during meetings.  Anyone interested in using the winder to rewind wheel bobbins or winding off of spindles will need to bring or purchase weaving bobbins for use once the winder arrives.  Bobbins will be made available for purchase at cost during meetings at a later date. 

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