Meeting This Saturday (10/6)

Our October meeting will take place this Saturday from 10:00 – 2:00. This month’s program is on advanced drum carding and will be led by Barb Keyes.

From the October edition of The Flyer:

You will learn how to control blending, how to best blend slick fibers with crimpy fibers, how to tame bunny fluff in blends, how to mix short fibers with long fibers successfully, how to jazz up that blah stuff collecting dust and much more. If you have rovings you bought, but really don’t like, or bits and pieces of fibers(meaning small amounts of miscellaneous spinning fibers of ANY type), bring them with you and we’ll give them a total makeover! I’ll be bringing a big assortment of glitz (Firestar nylon, Angelina, mylar, etc.), some precarded batts of wool to use as a base, some short fibers, some plant fibers, some long fibers and some exotics to card up into something entirely different. Also, if you have a drum carder, please bring that, too.

Please plan on joining us as we head into a very fiber arts and fiber festival friendly month! Fiber in the Boro and SAFF are only weeks away and this week is Spinning and Weaving Week (sponsored by the Handweavers Guild of America).


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