Catastrophic Fire in Judith MacKenzie’s Classroom/Studio

At our Nov. 3 meeting, TVH members discussed the following announcement (adapted from a posting on Ravelry) and decided that the guild will make a contribution, the amount to be determined at the December meeting. We may take up individual donations and have a matching amount or percentage from the guild itself, or just do a guild donation. Please be thinking about this. The website mentioned below is, by all accounts, completely legitimate and reliable.

“The studio of renowned spinning and weaving teacher Judith MacKenzie, in Forks, Washington, where she worked as an Artist in Residence, burned to the ground earlier this week. She suffered incalculable losses. Judith lost at least twelve wheels, looms, a serious collection of books, all her yarns, fibers, much bison in her yarn storage area, and countless other treasures, many of them irreplaceable antiques. Judith Mackenzie is one of the people in the fiber world who steps beyond artist and teacher. She has reached into our hearts and souls. She has taught us through her classes and her books and videos, taught other teachers who teach us, helped Bison preservation, helped groups of people from around the world. She has spent her life learning and giving to the textile arts and the people involved, whether they are the Blackfeet People completing their circle of bison usage or the new student in a guild class. We are so fortunate that the real treasure of Judith herself still remains, but her loss is terrible and rending.”

“Many of us have asked ‘What Can We Do?’ Here is our chance to give back to Judith for all her love and dedication to us. Let’s help Judith rebuild from this terrible loss.”



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