December 2012 – "Fly-By" News

Please send all announcements, fiber related articles, and classified ads for the next issue of The Flyer to newsletter editor Bob Devol (e-mail). Please include all contact information—including name, address (email and/or snail mail), important dates, and/or phone number.



  • The December 1st meeting is our gift exchange and finger food extravaganza. Please bring FINGER foods only, utensils will not be provided. Napkins, plates and cups will be provided.
  • You may bring a $10-$20 gift to be exchanged, wrapped or in a gift bag. Sue Klipsch is in charge of organizing our gift exchange. Please make sure you see Sue when you arrive. If you bring a gift, you take home a gift. (You do not have to participate in the gift exchange.)
  • Draft copies of our new by-laws will be available at our December meeting. We will discuss and take a vote to approve our new by-laws at this meeting. We would like to have them in place for 2013.
  • At the November meeting, we talked about the great loss to Judith McKenzie of her studio and all her equipment. We talked about a way to make a donation or help in some way. We will be discussing this at the December meeting and voting on a method to help. For more information see our post regarding the fire and donation efforts.


  • January 5th is our traditional Roc Day celebration. We will have a wonderful day of spinning and a pitch-in lunch. We will have no official program or show and tell on that day.
  • Erin Kramer will be collecting dues at the January 5th meeting for 2013. Please remember to pay your dues. It is helpful to Erin if she is able to collect as many as possible at the January meeting.
  • Our February 2nd meeting will include a demonstration on plying. Nancy Shedden, Penny Tschantz, and Erin Kramer will be leading this.
  • For our September 7th meeting we will have a new Challenge. This time get your needles out to knit Socks. We want to give everyone plenty of time to finish their socks. Use any pattern you want. This is not a contest, just a fun way of sharing a specific project. We have many good knitters in our group who would be glad to help if you have never knitted socks. This is a great time to learn and participate in a fun challenge.


    These people have agreed to serve as officers for the 2013 year:

    • President – Debbie Smith
    • Vice President – Sarah Weeks
    • Treasurer – Erin Kramer

    These people have agreed to serve in customary leadership roles:

    • Equipment Manager – Lynn Hash 
    • Historian – Pam Reagan 
    • Librarian – Mary Devol 
    • Meeting Facilitator – Joanne Neary 
    • Newsletter Editor – Bob Devol 
    • Webmaster – Jessica Martin 

    We will affirm and introduce these willing volunteers at our December meeting.


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