March 2013 – "Fly By" News

Please send all announcements, fiber related articles, and classified ads for the next issue of The Flyer to newsletter editor Bob Devol (e-mail). Please include all contact information—including name, address (email and/or snail mail), important dates, and/or phone number.


Lynn Hash has stepped down as Equipment Manager and Darlene Laverdure is taking over effective with last week’s meeting.

We will have another Stash Bust at our October meeting. More details will follow later. 

We are still working on our schedule for the remainder of the year. If you have suggestions, contact Debbie Smith. We are also trying to work out a Field Trip to Echoview Fiber Mill near Asheville. If you would be interested in going please let Debbie know.  

E-mails were recently sent to the membership detailing classes at Echoview and classes being offered at this year’s Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival. Thanks to Susan Gawarecki and Deborah Adams for sharing this information.

We’re waiting to hear from Linda Frank about the Rossini Festival in April and should hopefully have something to share about demonstration volunteer opportunities soon.


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