November 2013 – "Fly By"

Please send all announcements, fiber related articles, and classified ads for the next issue of The Flyer to newsletter editor Bob Devol (e-mail). Please include all contact information—including name, address (email and/or snail mail), important dates, and/or phone number.


IMPORTANT NOTE RE: DECEMBER MEETING:  We may be meeting in a different room in December due to the craft fair so please check your email or the Guild’s Ravelry and Facebook pages for more information closer to the meeting.  (The TVH Twitter feed and Google + page will also be automatically updated with any website posts as well.)

 Upcoming Guild Programs:

  • December:  No program this month due to the Church craft fair.  The Guild will not have a booth but individual members may have signed up for one.  We will have a short meeting, bring finger food to share.  No utensils will be provided and please avoid bringing anything that needs to be plugged in (i.e. slow cookers). We are not having a gift exchange this month and will instead have one as part of our Roc Day celebration in January so please save gifts for next month’s meeting.
  • January: Roc Day Meeting — Bring finger food to share.  Utensils *will* be provided.  There will be a gift exchange for those who would like to participate.  We have set a $15 limit on the gift value.  If you do not wish to participate no gift is needed.
  • February: Special Event – Hat Challenge.  Knit any hat you want using hand spun yarn only.   This is not a contest, just a fun knit for show and tell.


From Jessica Cantu:

If folks haven’t already seen Ravelry’s new fiber stash features rolled out a few months ago they might enjoy checking them out.

In the past users used to have to stash fiber the same way they stashed yarn. Now they can specifically stash yarn to their yarn stash and fiber to their fiber stash and browse them separately.

In addition there are some great record keeping tools on the new fiber stash pages for keeping notes about twist direction and angle, WPI, the finished yarn’s weight and tools used to spin the yarn (as in specifying a wheel or spindle used). Drive ratios and RPM’s for e-spinners can also be recorded.

More information can be found on the site’s Wiki page.  

From Amanda Gibson:

I wanted to make everyone aware there is an organized bus traveling from Knoxville to Maryland Sheep and Wool in May, 2014. There is the possibility of stopping in the Tri-Cities if there is a passenger from that area.

There is a East TN MD Sheep and Wool Ravelry group and a Facebook page for more information and for registration forms. It will be $300 for early registrants (before 12/1) and $350 thereafter until 3/1/14, bus and hotel accommodations included!

From Bob and Mary Devol:   Report from 2013 SAFF (from full November Newsletter)

This year’s Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair was a huge treat for those able to attend. There was a nice mix of both old and new to be found. Vendors came from far and wide. Vendors were represented from Texas to Colorado, Connecticut to Michigan and Florida. And of course, there were many local vendors also. 

Carl and Eileen Koop of Bijou Basin Ranch came from Colorado with their Yak fiber. What a nice couple. Carl is a retired software engineer who had a second career as a large animal veterinary technician specializing in equine dentistry. Eileen is a former Chemist. Both are from New York but in 2005 purchased their Yak starter herd and have been ranching ever since. 

Ross Farm came from Pennsylvania with their heritage and rare breed wool. This is another family owned farm. This was also their first year at the Fair. Ross Farm mainly brought naturally colored Leicester Longwool blended with Shetland. The yarn combines the best of both fibers being both strong and gentle to the touch. 

What a pleasure it was to sit with Jim Hogue from Bovidae Yarn Shop and Sheep Farm and spin. Jim is a great wealth of knowledge having spun for more than twenty two years. They are locals to the Fair from Mars Hill just inside the North Carolina State line.  

This is just a small sampling of the great vendors at the fair. All unique, each with something special to share. The TVHS Guild was as usual well represented. However, if you were not able to attend this years’ SAFF, it is truly worthwhile to start planning to attend next year’s Fair.


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