May 2015 – “Fly By”

Please send all announcements, fiber related articles, and classified ads for the next issue of The Flyer to newsletter editor Bob Devol (e-mail).

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  • Important Note:  Our July meeting will be held on Saturday, July 11th due to the July 4th holiday.
  • Sandy Gray at Yarn Haven in Knoxville asked that we make the membership aware of the 3rd Annual East TN Yarn Crawl which will run from June 5 – 20, 2015. The goal is to visit as many of the participating yarn stores in East Tennessee during this period. Lots of prizes, Good Fellowship and a Fun Time. All the details are on the ETYC website.
  • Anyone interested in spinning and explaining the sheep to yarn process at Vestival on May 9th contact Patty Benton. This event is not sponsored by the guild so participants can sell items.
  • Volunteers are needed to participate on the Dye Day Committee for our October meeting. Please contact Patty Benton if you would like to help.
  • Martha Owen will have Music and Stories on Friday evening June 26, 2015 from 7-8:30 at Fellowship Church in the room we use on Saturdays. All Guild members are invited, Bring a guest and dessert to share.

Upcoming Guild Programs:

  • May: Program: Kool-Aid dyeing
  • August: Program: Spinning Demo
  • September: Program: Wheel sampling
  • October: Event: Dye Day at Patty Benton’s
  • November: Event: Stash Bash



From Deborah Adams:

Lynn Hash and Deborah Adams will be in a Show at White Fox Beads the first week-end in May in Knoxville Friday and Saturday…so come and shop with us and other artist.. Thanks.

From Sue Klipsch:

World Wide Spin in Public Day 2015 will be held September 19 (a Friday). As an aside, it also coincides this year with International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arghhh!!! You can see an announcement in the Spring 2015 edition of Spin-Off Magazine.

From Barb Fagerlin:

The Weavers of the Tennessee Valley are hosting 2 workshops taught by Kathrin Weber, April 21, 22, 23, 2016 in Lenoir City, Tn. You can read more about Kathrin and her workshops at, click on About the Artist. I met Kathrin at the John C. Campbell Folk School recently, and can tell you she is an enthusiastic, creative, and fun lady as well as great weaver and instructor. Kathrin also has a very active facebook page where you can see lots of photos. There are a few openings in these workshops, and you are welcome to sign up: Thursday, Friday April 21, 22, 2016, a 2 day Weaving Workshop: Focus on the Warp (Controlling Creative Chaos) In this class students learn non-traditional techniques that allow them to work with multiple warps and design at the loom. They will use instructor provided hand-painted warps in which the colors flow and change, creating designs in the woven fabric that appear complex in planning, but actually spring from making flexible and intuitive decisions as they work. Students will work with multiple warp chains in a variety of ways: They might choose to flip sections of the warp from end to end which creates color flow in opposite directions. They might choose to shift the warps to create patterns that flow in the weaving lengthwise as well as horizontally. They might choose to add other warps to create stripes within the space-dyed design. They might choose to use multi-harness weave structures, plain weave, twills or repp weave. You will need to bring a shaft (harness) loom, and a few other items. Kathrin supplies 2 hand-dyed cotton warps, and handouts. Per person cost based on 10 students: $152.00
Saturday, April 23, 2016, a 1 day dyeing workshop “Not Your Grandmother’s Dye-Pot!” Learn basics of dyeing, then use 7 hues of Fiber Reactive MX dyes and creative license to blend, shade, and produce a full spectrum of color. Not a recipe class. Kathrin supplies the dye kits, and handouts. Per person cost based on 12 students: $36.00. Time Frame: $50 nonrefundable deposit for the warp class due July, 2015. $20 nonrefundable deposit due for the dyeing class due July, 2015. . Balance due Feb. 2016, which will be approx. $102 for the warp class, and $16 for the dyeing class.

From Sue Klipsch:

For sale: I have 50 or so printed feedsacks from early 20th century which I originally purchased to make quilts. Now I plan to sell the collection. Is anyone interested in looking at them? I am asking $10.00 for the large sacks, less for the smaller ones.